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Welcome to Everything I Luv. It’s me, Shanna, the one who believes love rules all because it does! Love (which can also be substituted for faith in God) has brought me through so many obstacles and thankfully with my daughter being older and my husband being awesome, I can share all my love stories with you. 

And when I say “love stories,” I’m not talking about the romantic kind. I’m talking about those moments when all I could do was lean on my love for a person, the process or for myself. Speaking of myself, let me tell you more about me.

Latest from the Blog

Three Tips for Embracing the Blended Family Model

In the perfect world: boy meets girl, boy marries girl, boy and girl have a child, and they live happily ever after. But in the REAL world, things don’t always go that way. Blended families are becoming the new norm in today’s society, and the “traditional” family is a thing of the past. According to…

The TTC Conversation that Changed My Life

Have you ever been so nervous that you start to sweat profusely, your body tenses up, and you feel like you want to vomit? You know, like when you’re going on the first date with someone, or when your boss calls you in their office to “talk”. Well, this is exactly how I felt as…

After the Perfect Marriage Comes…Infertility?

Cinderella, Belle, Tiana, Snow White. We know them, and we love them. But what do all these ladies have in common (besides the fact that they’re fictional Disney characters)? Happy endings!…Well, I did it! It took me a LONG time, but I DID IT! 

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